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Youth Motivational Speaker, Michael Costigan, was recently named Youth Business Leader of the Year. He is one of the nation's youngest CEOs and has been featured on NPR, Young Entrepreneur, Radical Parenting, & NFEC. He is a youth leadership expert and an in demand high school speaker.

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It’s that feeling we get when nothing we’ve tried has worked, when no one is around or willing to help, and it feels like we might be better off if we hadn’t even tried in the first place. 

I’ve felt this way. None of us are immune to it. 

I’ve come so close to giving up on things. And in some cases, I have. 

That’s okay. We’re human, we make mistakes, bad decisions, and can easily feel overwhelmed, even trapped.

When this happens, there’s a few things I think are important.

 1. We need to understand what’s worth it and what’s not.

If you find yourself working on a particular thing for an extended period of time (let say 3-6 months) and it isn’t bringing you any happiness or...

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